I Cannot Prosecute… What Now?

What do survivors do when they cannot prosecute? It is a far more common problem than facing a full trial and we don't have other systems to hold predator's accountable. It deserves mention in the process but I have read little about the problem. People talk about how few sexual abuse and assault cases make … Continue reading I Cannot Prosecute… What Now?

A Father’s Bilious Love

Oh cold man of sick manipulation, Nose glowing red; tears; a sick indulgence. To put my mind in a  trepidation, He clings; a parasite, my hindrance. The selfish greed deep as the blackest hole, He pities himself, no care for his spawn. Self-serving hedonistic lump of coal, Betrayal, abandon, leaving us: gone. Is he with … Continue reading A Father’s Bilious Love

Coping with the Seemingly Improbable: Revictimization

As animals we see patterns. In fact, it is the ability to see patterns that helped us learn, that helps all living things learn. But we do not always understand the patterns and we draw false patterns such as with conspiracies, stereotypes, and superstitions. We draw false beliefs concerning patterns and when your mind and … Continue reading Coping with the Seemingly Improbable: Revictimization