A Father’s Bilious Love

Oh cold man of sick manipulation, Nose glowing red; tears; a sick indulgence. To put my mind in a  trepidation, He clings; a parasite, my hindrance. The selfish greed deep as the blackest hole, He pities himself, no care for his spawn. Self-serving hedonistic lump of coal, Betrayal, abandon, leaving us: gone. Is he with … Continue reading A Father’s Bilious Love


Smooth marbled eggshell Broken and torn asunder Dappled by the tiresome downpour Worn by the flame The Devil rearranges the shards Pulling and prodding to his liking At his feet her broken flesh Staring out into her exposed depths From an empty crowd of looming cliffs Spitting venom from his teeth Let the rain wash these garish … Continue reading Clean