I Woke Up

It will have almost been a year soon. The beginning of September since I was last raped by my neighbor. It has been on my mind a lot as September approached and now that it has arrived. Last September was the worst of my life. It was the worst month of my life. I had to get a pelvic exam to check for damage on my birthday. Yea, my birthday is in September. My favorite time of year, autumn. Worst month of my life. Worst year of my life.

I Cannot Prosecute… What Now?

What do survivors do when they cannot prosecute? It is a far more common problem than facing a full trial and we don't have other systems to hold predator's accountable. It deserves mention in the process but I have read little about the problem. People talk about how few sexual abuse and assault cases make … Continue reading I Cannot Prosecute… What Now?